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Moliendo Café

And I’m not talking about the actual grinding of coffee beans with any of the common methods for it. Moliendo Café happens to be the title of a very famous song  —it reached #1 in Argentina and Japan— written in 1958 by Venezuelan composer Hugo Blanco. He was underaged (18) at the time so his uncle registered the song for him, this lead years later to a family feud in which Blanco’s uncle —Perroni— sued his own nephew (claiming that he —Perroni— had created the melody for the song).

Many versions of the song have been recorded by different artists all around the world (and many of these versions have achieved great success at least in the country of origin of the performers). As if the worldwide success the song enjoyed isn’t enough, the melody interestingly became the base for soccer chants from many teams all over Europe (for instance Cavese) and Latin America (for example Caracas FC).